GoPro Hero 4

Wife and kids got me a GoPro Hero 4 Black as an early Father’s Day present. Had a local 3D print shop make me a mount for it for my rifle. Looking forward to getting it out on the range and running drills with it.

gopro1 gopro

TLR-4 Light

I have been wanting a weapon light to do some low light no light shooting with for awhile. Adding a weapon light to the home defense package gives me a way of identifying a target instead of just shooting blindly into the night. My amazing wife got me a TLR-4 light for Christmas this year. What I like about this is not only is it a light but there is a laser sight built into the weapon light. This makes quick work of identifying the target and if it is a threat helps me quickly get rounds on target. Looking forward to working with this light in the future and getting some classes under my belt for low light not light situations.


H&K VP9 Initial Impressions

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a H&K VP9 as a gift. I have been wanting one of these for awhile and just haven’t been able to pin one down with the correct timing to be able to purchase it. I was stoked to have opened this on Christmas day. The ergonomics of this pistol are what attracted me to this weapon. I have to admit I was torn between this firearm and the Walther PPQ. I have held the Walther and even shot it, the pistol is phenomenal to say the least. But the ability to customize the grip was just enough to push me towards the H&K. Overall fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from the H&K heritage. Smooth action on the slide, texture on the grip is good but not overly aggressive. I may or may not stipple this grip, only range time will tell for that. The weapon is easy to point and transition from target to target, sight picture is easy to pick up. The trigger is good, but I will probably get some work done to pull up some of the excess travel and reset later down the road. I am very impressed with the weapon and really looking forward to getting some range time with it and reporting back.


Small Parts

Well today I got a decent mail call. From Primary Arms the buffer tube, buffer, and buffer spring came in. They had a really good sale on a 7075 Aluminum 6 Position buffer tube assembly for $25 bucks. From White Oak Armament I got in Bolt Catch Assembly, Magazine Catch Assembly, Takedown Pin, Pivot Pin, 2x Takedown/Pivot Pin Springs, Buffer Detent, Buffer Detent Spring, and a Safety Selector Spring. This is my second time dealing with White Oak Armament and so far the experience has been great. I already had the Safety Selector and the Safety Selector Detent. A fellow WEVO member donated the ALG Combat Trigger for this build and I can not thank him enough for that. Also received the Magpul Foliage Green polymer trigger guard in earlier this week. All the parts for the lower are in as of now.

The upper receiver from Aero Precision was ordered today. Next up on the list will be the Strike Industries Mega Fin Rail. After that I will get the lower, upper, and rail down to Blown Deadline for cerakote in the Magpul Foliage Green color.

Aero Precision Lower Receiver

A few weeks ago got he lower receiver for the AR-47 build in. I have had some time to look over it and I can not find a blemish anywhere on this receiver at all. I have a few other builds in the works and thinking about picking up other manufacturers blemished receivers to compare them to the Aero Precision set.


AR-47 Build

I have been looking for an alternative round for my next rifle build. I had also been looking at the AK-47 and the AK-74 rifles. Doing the research on those two rifles and I found out it is quite expensive to build them vs buying them flat out. Well buying them takes the fun out owning the rifle in the first place. So I continued to look on the ole interwebz trying to find my next project, low and behold I stumble across Lumber Jack Tactical doing an AR-47 build. Not only does he have the build laid out he also addresses the mag feed issues.

My parts list differs from his a little bit, but here it is:

Aero Precision Blem $55.00
Lower Parts Kit w/ Buffer Tube Kit $80.00
MagPul Fixed Carbine Stock $30.00

Aero Precision Blem Upper $48.00
16″ 7.62 x 39mm 1×10 M4 CONTOUR CHROME MOLY BARREL $130.00
SOTA Arms 7.62×39 BCG $100.00
Strike Industries AR Mega Fin 12″ Keymod $160.00
Gas Block and Gas Tube $30.00
Strike Industries Charging Handle Extended Latch $30.00
A2 Flash Hider $15.00
AR15 7.62×39 5rd Stainless Steel Mag x2 $28.00

This puts the build right around $700 before shipping costs. I will also be including a cerakote job as well. I will be updating here as the parts come in and the build takes place. This is also going to be my daughters rifle and she will be doing the assembly on this one.

NTD Build End Results.

Well the build project has come to a close. From planning and researching all the parts, making lists then remaking lists to expense spreadsheets being revamped half a dozen times it is officially closed. There are a ton of people that has helped this project come together. The most important of those is my wife Christina, without her none of this would have been possible at all. I want to thank UWone77 from Weapon Evolution forums for the donation of the Iron Viper USAF Forward Assist. I have to thank Jennifer over at CMC Triggers for working with my wife and getting this super sexy flat 3.5lbs trigger. The crew over at Battle Arms Development and Rainier Arms for dealing with me placing orders every week. So without any more hee-hawing around let’s get down to the what and why…..

At the butt end I wanted something light and something minimal and the Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock fit the bill perfectly. I ordered from Rainier Arms and at the same time paired it up with your standard Buffer Tube, Buffer Spring, and H1 Buffer. You can’t beat the deal when you bundle this up. I will make my own paracord strap just need to get a nice D-ring with QD attachment will do the paracord in crimson red and silver.

I already had the Vortex Sparc and decided to use it on this build. Vortex makes a quality RDS that doesn’t break the bank and it comes with a “No-Bullshit Warranty”.

For the grip I wanted to try something different and so far I am really liking the way the Mission First Tactical Engage Pistol Grip (EPG16). It is just barely thicker than the Magpul MOE that I am used to and it feels just slightly more vertical but doesn’t look like it is.

I could have picked a less expensive receiver set but since this was going to be my 2-Gun competition rifle I decided to go with some top-notch sexy as all get out NorthTech Defense Billet receiver set.

I think in my mind Rainier paired up with AXTS and they knocked it out of the park with the Raptor charging handle. If the build is going to be my rifle I would not want to use any other charging handle on the market. I love the functionality and the simplicity of the design and it just works and I mean it works.

Ares Armor has probably the best deal on the market right now for NiB BCG’s that was a deal I could not pass up. Upon arrival and inspecting this I feel like I need to phone up Ares and give them some more money cause I feel like I practically stole this from them and just left a tip.

Battle Arms Development has made a name for themselves with their BAD-ASS (Ambidextrous Safety Selector). They are second to none and I would not put anyone else’s safety selector on any of my rifles. As you can see I picked up a set of their Enhanced Pin Sets (EPS) and these will be standard on all my future builds as well.

I had put the Iron Viper USAF Forward Assist on my list and had full intentions of buying one as the quality of the product is everything that is should be. I wanted the USAF FA to remind me of the first time I held this particular weapon platform. Luckily for me UWone77 over on the WEVO forums read my list and donated the USAF FA he had on hand. Don’t worry the Ti-Fang FA that came on the NTD upper was donated to another WEVO member for his AR-Pistol build.

Odin Works XMR makes an appearance as well and so far I am really liking how it feels and works.

Now I know a lot of reviews have been done on the CMC Trigger and a lot of “wow” has been written by a lot of people with more trigger time than I will ever have….but they are not kidding the hype is not hype it is real. This trigger is so smooth, short reset, no creep, minimal travel the more I think about it the more I drool. This trigger is the real deal.

Up front leading the charge and displaying the business end is the Rainier Arms RMC (Rainier Mini Comp). Short and sweet to keep the overall length of the weapon system down but still managing recoil and muzzle rise to keep me on target and tracking the course.

Daniel Defense fixed front sight for when the RDS dies mid shoot. The ghost ring of the RDS and this sight I should still be able to engage targets on a course effectively to finish the course.

Norah Arms hand stop to remind me where to put my hand. I like the design of the Norah hand stop and that is very minimal but very effective as a hand stop and barricade device.

Outside we have a Odin Works Kmod Forend 15.5″ of long leggedness and underneath it I have the Odin Works Ultralite 16″ Stainless Steel barrel.

Overall I am very happy with the build. Blowndeadline knocked the cerakote job out of the park. His work turns my rifle into a lead slinging piece of art.

Slow, Smooth, Fast…… What???

Let me start off and say that I am not a weapons instructor. With that being said I would like to address this new crazy of instructors coming out saying “Slow is Slow, Smooth is Smooth, Fast is Fast, if you want to be fast you need to train to be fast”.  The idea this projects is that if you want to shoot fast you need to train shooting fast.

Here is my problem with this mentality being puked all over the internet. When someone new joins the shooting community and they start doing research on what kind of classes they want to take and they come across this kind of thinking one of two things is going to happen. The wiser shooter will think screw that guy I want to learn how to do something before I try and do it at break-neck speeds. The less wiser shooter will go off and try new shooting techniques at break-neck speeds.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel people, I know you are trying to drum up business or maybe you have a horde of mindless groupies that will just repeat whatever you say to get your name out there. Yes slow is slow and smooth is smooth and fast is fast. If know how to do something and you do it slow all the time then yes that slow motion will be natural to you and this makes it a smooth action. Once you got it down and it is smooth all the time you can start doing it quickly. If you do it quickly all the time and smoothly then you are good and you can start doing it faster and faster. The thing about it is, you know how to do it already so you can do it smoothly and you can add speed to it.

When learning something new especially with firearms lets keep the good old saying “Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast” mentality. Learn to do it slowly at first so you can do it smoothly consistently. Once you have learned the action and are consistently smooth with said action you can add some speed to it till you are happy with how fast and smoothly you can perform the action. You have to crawl before you can walk and you have to walk before you can run.